Informed by a formal art education and life experience, I find mysterious beauty in the relationship between interdependent but competing forces and I create blended abstractions  to express ideas and concerns about the balance between structure and nature, the dehumanization in our culture and the struggle for self-definition in a society that is becoming increasingly mechanized.

Typically the work will include some aspect of simplified forms or structures as a metaphor and to address formal concerns of beauty. I have great respect for the art that has come before and I approach imagery that both refers to and departs from these established ideas. The final product reflects a modern sentiment perhaps symbolizing the journey as humans trying to find ways to organize our thoughts and make sense of it all.

Most of my past work is in painting and print mediums for which I earned A B.F.A. Degree at MSCD in Denver. More recently I am working in 3D format including glass, steel and wood and LED light. The work has exhibited both Regionally and Nationally in juried and invitational exhibitions.

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