An in home art selection

There isn’t much else an artist could ask for then for someone to take interest in the work enough to purchase it. I was recently fortunate to be given the opportunity to bring several of my paintings to a home in Columbine Valley to confirm whether or not they work in the space. We spent a few hours looking at the work and then arrived at the final destination for some of these fantastic works. The homeowner was thrilled and so was I as I left with a great sense of satisfaction to see the life the paintings will take beyond my studio and gallery.

I will be assisting in helping to get them framed as well offering a full service assistance to complete the decorating.

As a designer and artist I felt I had additional skill to assist with the placement and color selection for the art work in their home. It also didn’t hurt that one of these paintings had exhibited in several regional exhibitions and one international.

Many thanks for this opportunity to add 4 paintings to the collection. These were some of my best works and I am thrilled to be collected.

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